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Ltd electroplaters Call 01283 531 191 Zinc Plating (rack and barrel) - Aluminum Anodizing - Electroless Nickel - Silver Plating - Phosphate - Tin Plating - Vapour Blasting With selective media - Hydrogyn DE-Embrittlement ISO 9001 Registered Lorlec Ltd has been trading for over 26 years and is committed to providing the highest quality metal finishing. With our purpose built production facility. Starting with the right finish. Lorlec Ltd, Horninglow Road North, Burton On Trent, Staffordshire, DE13 0SF Company registration number: 02236833, VAT number: 439 4895 95

 1. General. Quotations are given and orders for work and services are

accepted subject only to the following Conditions. Any Conditions which

you seek to impose will be inapplicable unless expressly accepted in

writing signed by one of our Directors.

2. Quotations. Unless previously withdrawn, a quotation is open for

acceptance within the period stated therein, or when no period is so stated,

within 14 days only after its date. Oral quotations are for guidance only

and are not binding upon us. Written quotations will not normally be

submitted, and in any event will not be binding upon us, unless any

necessary drawings and specifications have first been submitted to us in

writing and, where we deem it necessary, sample components provided to


3. Acceptance. Notwithstanding the receipt by us from you of an order or of

an acceptance of our quotation, such order or acceptance shall not be

binding upon us until confirmed by us by our forwarding to you our form of

acknowledgement or order incorporating these Conditions.

4. Advertising Matter. Specification, descriptions and illustrations contained

in our catalogues, brochures or other advertisement matter are

intended to give only a general idea of the goods, work or services

concerned and none of these shall form part of the Contract.

5. Delivery. Any times quoted for despatch or delivery are estimates only not

involving us in any liability for failure to despatch or deliver within such

time, and are in all cases to date from receipt by us of your written order to

proceed and of all necessary information to enable us to put the work in

hand. The time for despatch or delivery shall be extended by a reasonable

period if delay in despatch or delivery is caused by instructions or lack of

instructions from you or by industrial dispute or by any cause beyond our

reasonable control. Any despatch dates given in our quotation or our

acknowledgement or order are subject to confirmation upon receipt from

you of a definite date for receipt of goods into our works for processing.

6. Payment. (a) The prices quoted or given in our acknowledgement of order

are strictly net and exclusive of Value Added Tax. Payment shall be due,

together with the costs (if any) of carriage, packing and any special tests,

certification or other specific requirements not included in the price on or

before the last day of the month following the month of despatch of the

goods or of notification that the goods are ready for collection where

delivery is to be ex-works.

(b) Interest at the rate of 1% per month and proportionately for part of a

month shall accrue on all overdue payments.

7. Prices. If by reason of any increase in the rates of wages payable to labour

or in the cost of material, fuel, gas, electricity, insurance, transport or ot her

services or of confirming to such laws, orders, regulations and bye-laws as

are applicable to the work or apply to or affect us in the performance of our

obligations under the Contract, above the rates and costs ruling at the date

of our acknowledgement of order, the cost to us of performing our

obligations under the Contract shall be increased, we may give notice in

writing to you increasing the contract price to such amount as is stated in

the notice. Any increased price shall be payable as from the date of the

notice as if it were the original contract price, and a price so increased may

from time to time subsequently be further increased in similar manner.

Provided, however, that if within 8 days after receipt of any such notice,

you give notice in writing to us to cancel the balance of the Contract, we

shall be entitled to complete and charge for any such articles as we have

begun to treat at the time of receipt of notice from you are the price

prevailing immediately prior to the date when notice of increased was


8. Lien. For so long as any account remains unpaid we shall have an absolute

right of lien upon any of your goods that may be in our possession or under

our control and we may enforce such lien whenever and to the extent that

any payment is three months’ overdue without previous notice to you.

9. Standards. (a) Unless otherwise agreed in writing the quality and finish of

work shall be such as will provide a reasonable service in compliance with

the generally recognised standards in the trade for the class of work, type,

quality and finish of the product concerned.

(b) We can accept no liability under paragraph (a) of this clause (whether

any defect is apparent on inspection or not) unless a written claim is made

within 14 days of the receipt of the goods stating the alleged defect in

standard or in quality of work or finish whereby the goods are not in

accordance with the Contract and a reasonable number of articles

exhibiting the defect or defects complained of is or are apparent are

forwarded to us for inspection within the said period and we are given the

opportunity to remedy any such defect or defects. Our liability hereunder (if

any) shall in all cases be limited in accordance with the provisions of

clauses 13 and 20 hereof.

10. Tests. Our products and work are carefully inspected and where applicable

submitted to standard tests before despatch. Special tests not identified in

our acknowledgement of order will be charged for. In the case of

destructive tests such as hardness and adhesion, these would include the

provision of suitable test pieces and their processing but will not be carried

out unless we are specifically instructed to do so in identified batches. In

such cases, provision of agreed suitable test pieces will be your

responsibility unless otherwise agreed.

11. Performance. We will accept no liability for failure to attain any

performance figures quoted by us unless we have specifically guaranteed

them in the Contract. If the performance figures obtained on any test

provided for in the Contract are outside the acceptance limits specified

therein, you will be entitled to reject the goods, but before rejecting the

goods and claiming, within the provisions of clause 20, you will give us

reasonable time and opportunity to rectify their performance. You assume

responsibility that processes stipulated by you are sufficient and suitable

for you purposes save insofar as your stipulations are in accordance with

our advice.

12. Matching. We shall be under no obligation to ensure that any goods or

components or parts are an exact match or that one batch exactly matches

another, whether the colour or finish are defined by reference to a sample

or by description. Where a colour or finish is specified in the Contract by

reference to a sample or description, you shall accept as complying with

the Contract all parts which are a commercial match with the sample or

correspond with the description, as the case may be, and a commercial

match with each other in accordance with the standard generally

recognised in the trade. We shall be under no liability for any failure to

provide a commercial match if failure is due wholly or partly to differences

in the materials from which the respective goods, components, or parts are

made or to any process or treatment to which the same have previously

been submitted

13. Defects. We shall be under no liability howsoever arising in respect of any

defects appearing in any goods, components or parts (including failure to

provide colour matching between different batches) at any time which is

due or partly due to the material of which the same is made, its design or

method of manufacture, or any process or treatment applied thereto by any

person other than ourselves.

We undertake to make good free of charge any defects which, under

proper use, appear in goods, components or parts the subject of the

Contract within a period of six months after leaving our works or half their

average working life whichever is the shorter, and which are due to faulty

materials, workmanship or design (other than materials or workmanship

or design provided or specified by you) provided there has been no

maltreatment thereof and provided further that we are notified in writing

immediately such defects appear and the defective parts are returned to us

for rectification.

This undertaking shall be accepted by you in lieu of any warranty or

condition implied by law as to the quality or fitness for any particular

purpose of such goods, components and parts or as to the manner in

which work is done and save as provided in the clause we shall be under

no liability, whether for breech of contract or of statutory duty, in tort

(including but not limited to negligence) or otherwise in respect of any

defects therein or for any service or advice in relation thereto or for any

injury (other than death or personal injury caused by negligence on our part

as defined in the Unfair Contract Terms Act, 1977) or for any loss or

damage resulting from such defects or from any work done in connection


14. Export Contracts. In the case of goods or work for export we will give you

reasonable opportunity to inspect and test the same at our works before

despatch and we shall not be liable for any defects whatsoever howsoever

arising after such an opportunity has been given and the goods have been


15. Extras. The prices given in our acknowledgement of order include only for

such work and services as are specified therein. The extra cost of any work

not specifically required by the Contract shall be added to the Contract

price and paid for accordingly and all such work shall be carried out subject

to these Conditions.

16. Loss or Damage in Transit. We shall be under no liability for any loss or

damage in transit unless due to negligence on our part or that of our

servants or agents and then only if notice in writing of such loss or damage

is received by us within 8 days after delivery or where delivery is made by

our own transport, within a reasonable time after receipt of the advice not e.

Any claims for non-delivery must be made within 14 days after receipt of

the advice note.

17. Packaging. Items despatched to us for processing should be suitably

packed having regard, inter alia, to their manufacturing tolerances, quality

and the inherent value of the items in question. We assume that you are

expert in the preparation of your goods for shipment. We will use the same

packing where practical and packed to at least as good a standard for

return to you. Any additional packaging requirements, whether required by

you, or deemed necessary by us to protect the work, will be chargeable.

18. Barrel Plating and Bulk Processing. Quotations for barrel plating work

and other bulk processing of small parts are given, and contracts for such

work accepted, subjected to the customary trade allowance for wastage of

5%. Such work will generally be charged for and checked by weight or

quantity only as appropriate.

19. Insurance. We shall insure the goods from the time they are received into

our works until the time they are despatched against risks of loss, damage

or destruction by fire, explosion, lightening, earthquake, malicious

damage, theft, flood, storm, tempest and aircraft and other aerial devices or

articles dropped therefrom up to a maximum value of £5,000 for any one

item or individual batch. Orders for goods valued in excess of this figure

shall be identified clearly on your order indicating their true value. Should

you require insurance cover in any way different from the above, we must

be advised in adequate time prior to the receipt of the goods in our works

and we reserve the right to requote for processing any goods which are the

subject of a request for increased insurance cover, or to refuse to accept

such goods. In no case shall our liability, if any, for loss or damage to the

goods at our works caused by such insured risks exceed the limit of

indemnity under the Policy. The relevant Insurance Policies may be

inspected at our offices at any time upon receipt of written request.

20. Limitation of Liability. Except as otherwise provided under these

Conditions, our liability whether arising by reason of breech of contract or a

statutory duty or in tort (including but not limited to negligence) or

otherwise howsoever other than in respect of claims for death or personal

injury caused by negligence as defined in the Unfair Contract Terms Act,

1977, shall be limited in respect of any article to three times the

Contract price for processing the same. We shall not be liable to you for

any loss of profits or loss of contracts or loss of use or for any indirect or

consequential loss or damage whatsoever.

21. Confidential Information. All specifications, drawings, technical descriptions

and details of processes (hereinafter called “information”) submitted

with our quotation or supplied to you pursuant to the Contract are supplied

in confidence. You shall keep the information confidential and shall not

disclose the same to any third party without our prior written consent and

shall use the same only for the purposes of the Contract. Nothing in this

clause shall prevent us from undertaking or offering to undertake for third

parties any work or services similar to or designed to achieve the same

results as the work or services provided under this Contract.

22. Jigs or Tooling. Any jigs or tools made by us for the purpose of the

Contract shall remain our property notwithstanding that the cost thereof

may be included in whole or in part in the Contract price. All drawings and

information relating to such tools and jigs remain our property and our

copyright and you undertake that you will not copy or make use of the same

for the benefit of any third party without our prior written consent.

23. Arbitration. If at any time any question, dispute or difference whatsoever

shall arise between you and ourselves upon, in relation to, or in connection

with the Contract, either of us may give to the other notice in writing of the

existence of such question, dispute or difference and the same shall be

referred to the arbitration of a person to be mutually agreed upon, or failing

agreement within 30 days of the receipt of such notice, to some person

appointed by the President for the time being of the Institute of Metal


24. Legal Construction. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the Contract

shall in all respects be construed and operate as an English Contract and in

conformity with English law and the English courts shall have exclusive

jurisdiction over any matter arising out of the provisions of clause 2.3.


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